Nephromopsis yunnanensis (Nyl.) Randlane & Saag
Nomenclatural data
Mycotaxon 44: 488, 1992. – Platysma yunnanense (“yunnense”) Nyl., Lich. Nov. Zeland.: 150, 1888. – Type: China, Yunnan, alt. 1800 m, R. P. Delavay 1602 (H-NYL 36 134! – lectotype). – Cetraria yunnanensis (Nyl.) Zahlbr., Trudy Troitskos.-Kyakhtinsk. Otd. Priamursk. Otd. Imp. Russk. Geogr. Obshch. 12: 89, 1911.
Description – see Randlane et al. (1995).
Typical characters. Thallus dorsiventral, upper surface yellow, lower surface white to pale brown and extremely rugose. Lobes rather wide (8–15 mm). Pseudocyphellae on the lower surface on ridges and plug-like outgrowths. Pycnidia numerous, both laminal and marginal, on pale emergent projections.
Contains usnic acid in the cortex; lichesterinic and protolichesterinic acids in the medulla.
A rare lichen, endemic to southern China. N. yunnanensis is not easily confused with any other species and can be recognized by the numerous pycnidia on pale emergent projections which develop both marginally and laminally on the upper and sometimes even on the lower surface.
Ecology and distribution
Distributed in China: prewiously known from Yunnan province (see Fig. 10 in Randlane & Saag 1998) and now also from Xizang. Corticolous on coniferous (Picea) and deciduous (Quercus, Sorbus) trees in mountain forests at the altitude 1800–3200 m.
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