Nephromopsis laii (A. Thell & Randlane) Saag & A. Thell
Nomenclatural data
Bryologist 100: 111, 1997. – Cetrariopsis laii A. Thell & Randlane, Cryptog. Bryol. Lichénol. 16: 46, 1995. – Type: Russia, Primorye region, Kedrovaya Padj Nature Reserve, 17.09.1961, S. Pärn (TU! – holotype, LD! – isotype)
Description – see Randlane et al. (1995).
Typical characters. Thallus dorsiventral, moderately rugose, upper surface greenish yellow, lower surface pale brown to brown. Lobes rather wide (8–15 mm), often with secondary marginal lobules. Pseudocyphellae small and flat, mainly developed on the ridges of the lower side. Apothecia marginal, numerous, often juvenile only.
Contains usnic acid in the cortex; alectoronic and/or lichesterinic, protolichesterinic-type fatty acids in the medulla.
This species can be confused with Nephromopsis pallescens var. pallescens or N. nephromoides. N. pallescens is usually readily distinguished by numerous, small, laminal apothecia with clearly rounded discs while the apothecia of N. laii are mainly marginal or submarginal and the disc is often reniform. Nevertheless, the apothecia of N. laii can be quite similar to those of N. nephromoides and then the lower side of the thallus should be examined. Pseudocyphellae are small and flat and situated mainly on the brown coloured ridges of the generally paler lower surface in N. laii, while the pseudocyphellae of N. nephromoides are medium to large, flat or concave and developed directly on the surface. Secondary lobules forming a fringe along the margins of lobes are characteristic for N. laii.
Ecology and distribution
Distributed in China, India, Japan, Russia, Vietnam (see Fig. 3 in Randlane & Saag 1998). In China it has been found in Taiwan, Yunnan, now also in Xizang provinces. Corticolous on coniferous (Abies, Pinus) and deciduous (Betula, Sorbus, Quercus) trees in mountain forests at the altitude 600–3300 m.
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