Leprocaulon gracilescens (Nyl.) I.M. Lamb & A. Ward
Nomenclatural data
J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 38: 523 (1974)
Stereocaulon gracilescens Nyl., Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 4, 11: 210 (1859)
Morphologically identical with L. albicans, for the description see under that species.
Contains atranorin and fatty acids. In Greenland, two chemotypes are recorded: (1) with atranorin and roccellic/angardianic acid (n = 1); (2) with atranorin and rangiformic acid (n = 1).
This species may alternatively be considered a chemotype of L. albicans (Lamb & Ward 1974, Brodo et al. 2001) but proper nomenclatural change has not been proposed.
Ecology and distribution

On soil and bryophytes.
Reported here as new to Greenland from two localities on the southern and western coasts.
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Saag, L., Hansen, E. S., Saag, A. & Randlane, T. 2007.