Lepraria alpina var. zeorinica L. Saag
Nomenclatural data
MycoBank — MB 510912
Thallus leprosus, granulosus, similis Leprariae alpinae var. alpinae. Atranorinum, zeorinum et acidum porphyrilicum continens.
TYPUS: Greenland, Qingertivaq, alt. 550 m (66°06'N, 37°13'W), mosses and soil (humus), 30 July 1970, E. S. Hansen ESH-70.0032 [C – holotypus, TU – isotypus; porphyrilic acid (major), atranorin (minor), zeorin (minor)].
Crustose, leprose, with granular appearance, thick and hard, rarely thin and/or somewhat softer; often dark grey, sometimes light grey to almost white, predominantly with bluish (“cold”) tinge; firmly attached to the substrate, usually growing in irregular patches up to several cm in diam., sometimes young thalli forming rosettes up to 1 cm in diam.; thallus margin diffuse, rarely delimited and sublobed; medulla occasionally present, not evident; soredia variably sized, mostly coarse, (70–)100–150(–190) µm in diam., often pruinose, sometimes with short projecting hyphae; consoredia present in variable amount, from few to abundant, typically 200–300 µm in diam., convex or ellipsoidal; small patches with leprose surface with no distinguishable individual soredia rarely present.
Four chemotypes are recorded in Greenland: (1) with atranorin, zeorin (in variable amounts, sometimes in traces), porphyrilic and roccellic/angardianic acids (n = 10); (2) with atranorin, zeorin, porphyrilic and rangiformic acids (n = 1); (3) with atranorin, zeorin and porphyrilic acid without fatty acids (n = 4).
Zeorin has not been reported from L. alpina before, and its content in the collections from Greenland seems to be constant enough to justify a taxonomic rank. We describe this taxon on the level of variety because it is not morphologically distinguishable from L. alpina var. alpina. Presence of both porphyrilic acid with accessories and zeorin is diagnostic for L. alpina var. zeorinica. A single specimen with L. alpina morphology but containing atranorin and zeorin only was also found in the material but is excluded from the new variety.
Ecology and distribution

On soil and bryophytes, sometimes overgrowing other lichens.
Until now L. alpina var. zeorinica is known only from Greenland where its distributional pattern is similar to that of the typical variety. It is less frequent in the High Arctic, where it has only one locality on the central eastern coast.
Saag, L., Hansen, E. S., Saag, A. & Randlane, T. 2007.