Allocetraria isidiigera Kurok. & Lai
Nomenclatural data
Bull. Natn. Sci. Mus. (Tokyo) B 17: 62, 1990. - Type: China, Xizang (Tibet), Nylalam, alt. 3910 m, Jiang-chun Wei & Jian-bin Chen, no. 1857 (HMAS, holotype; TNS, isotype; not seen)
Thallus foliose, upper surface pale yellow, with sparse isidia; lobes 1-3 mm wide, convex, prolonged, ascending at the apices, dichotomously branched; lower surface brown to almost black, strongly rugulose, with sparse rhizines (to 0.3 mm long) and a few marginal pseudocyphellae. Upper cortex palisade plectenchymatic, c.10 µm thick; medulla 100-150 µm thick, pale yellow to yellow-ochre; lower cortex pachydermatous paraplectenchymatic, 5-9 µm thick.
Apothecia rare, laminal, c.4 mm in diameter; ascospores not seen.
Usnic acid (trace) in the cortex; secalonic acid A and the related yellow pigments in the medulla.
The species is known only from the type collection, China.
Ecology and distribution
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